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The Secret to Selling More Cars - How to Keep Potential Buyers Engaged

The Secret to Selling More Cars - How to Keep Potential Buyers Engaged

Sell more cars by keeping your customers engaged 271 KB View full-size DownloadThe old days are gone – the sooner you embrace this truth, the better your chances of surviving. The changes in the retail automotive industry over the last 20-years are less of a proverbial storm to endure, and more so a vetting of the stragglers. How do you, a modern auto seller, stay competitive when the landscape continues to evolve? By attracting the attention of your customers in new and exciting ways. How do you keep potential buyers engaged?  Understand the importance of a first impression, if you don’t, the next dealer will. Follow-up promptly with clients after they leave the lot. Don’t be afraid to get creative and stay persistent. Be the expert they expect by being their primary source of information and building value in your dealership.  Easier said than done, right? Thankfully, in this article, we’re going to cover each of these in detail. Stop looking behind to what was, and focus on the here and now. The moment you make this shift in thinking, the quicker you’ll see results your team can take to the bank.  Sell More Cars by Making a Lasting First Impression with Dynalog Sell more cars by making a lasting first impression 268 KB View full-size Download The problem with traditional methods is that everyone expects them. Meaning you’ll have to break down walls before finding any traction.  Instead, target them with something they can take away and look back on, a Dynalog interactive catalog.  If you haven’t met the customer yet, you should still aim for a great first impression. A phone call is something that happens and then passes. Meaning that your results depend on the amount of data you can squeeze into a quick chat. The same goes for E-mails, which usually aim to provide as little information as possible to hook the interest of the reader. That’s if they even open it in the first place. With Dynalog, they receive a ton of information on a mobile-friendly, interactive platform. Such as your inventory, current service deals, and list of vehicle specials that they can look back on and share with friends and family. Dynalog offers an informative, non-aggressive approach to lead gen that helps you stand out from the competition. Instead of hounding customers while they’re at work or enjoying their free time. Let them sell themselves when it suits them.  When they’re ready to reach out, they’ll already have a lot of their questions answered, and their interest will be high. What does this mean to you? That you’ll spend less time convincing each lead, and more time moving metal.    Follow-up Tactics to Turn Potential Customers into Repeat Customers Follow-up tactics to sell more cars 195 KB View full-size Download ·       Stay Top of Mind You can’t track your progress if you don’t employ a system.  If your team does the same thing every time, it allows them to notice areas they can improve on.  Consider a same-day unsold follow-up call or text.  Something simple, like a “thank you for stopping by,” can go a long way towards creating a trusting environment for the potential buyer.   Most shoppers tend to buy within 72-hours from the time they started looking.  For this reason, after a same-day contact, have the sales associate shoot them another call or text the next day.  By day three, if you haven’t had success getting them back in, have a manager look at it.  When someone with a title contacts the buyer, it does several things.  First, it shows you’re serious about selling more cars.  Second, it ensures you exhaust all options.  It also appeases those clients that prefer speaking to a decision-maker. After the first 72-hours, it’s likely they already bought.  But if not, mark the reason they haven’t.  Perhaps they have too much inequity and need some hefty rebates.  Maybe they have sub-par credit and need a unit with a decent spread.  Whatever it is, note the reason in the system and make it a point to check-in every week or two to re-evaluate. ·       Offer Alternatives What is a salesperson?  There are many opinions on the actual definition, but we believe it’s someone that can maintain control. There is an endless number of options to choose from on the market, which often confuses buyers.  Maybe the unit they landed on initially lacks enough incentives to make it appealing on paper. Take control, give them alternatives to consider.  Have you let them know that the “too expensive” crossover they looked at sits on the same platform of a less expensive model? Perhaps they should come back in and see if they enjoy your suggestion. Do you have a pre-owned unit with low miles, maybe they will consider it? If you don’t offer alternatives, then you give them control. Take it for yourself - your bank account will thank you. ·       Never Give Up Persistence leads to more sales - there’s no other way to say it.  Know that if someone came on your lot, whether they say it aloud or not, they want to make a purchase.  If they leave, this still holds, so don’t give up.  Employ a follow-up system where you’re offering solutions to their needs - and stick to it.  You’ll be amazed at how something as simple as a routine will help you sell more cars. ·       How Dynalog Helps You Follow-up with Potential Buyers All the above tips work with Dynalog - while being simple for the rep, and more engaging to the potential buyer.  We integrate fully with your CRM and inventory, allowing you to stay organized and track your sales efforts, all directly within the app.  Stay top of mind by sending them a text with an interactive catalog of content they can return to time and again, and share with others.  Offer alternatives by sharing vehicle suggestions, along with current incentives.  Never give up, because, with Dynalog, you’re not sending useless data not worth reading.  You’re sharing interactive content that’s engaging, data-driven, and helpful to the client. Tips to Get Potential Buyers to Reach Out ·       Make Yourself the Expert Anyone can wing it, but the real expert takes pride in their craft and seeks to master it.  Learn your industry, learn your product, always look for ways to improve.  Be the professional your customers want.  If you do - and you follow the advice mentioned above, you will sell more cars. ·       Don’t Give Them a Reason to Look Elsewhere Exhaust all options – it’s that simple.  Don’t spin your wheels, but you have to at least give yourself a fighting chance with each customer.  The truth of the matter is that if you give 110% on every client, and the next dealer doesn’t, you look like a hero.   ·       Build Value in Your Dealership – with Dynalog Buyers aren’t just shopping for a vehicle - they’re also seeking a place they can rely on for all their automotive needs. For this reason, sell the value your dealership provides. In a non-aggressive manner, making them eager to return. There’s not much worse for a client than getting bombarded with useless information during and after a sale. With Dynalog, we help you stand apart from your competition, by being different, by being helpful, by sending engaging content. Is your dealer running a service special that a previous customer might enjoy?  Share it through your personalized Dynalog catalog.  Do you have a new batch of loyalty rewards that would make replacing a previous purchase impossible to ignore?  Put it on blast in celebrity fashion.   The word “value” describes something beneficial and helpful - with Dynalog, that’s our specialty. The Month’s Not Over – Engage Your Customers Sell more cars by keeping your customers engaged with Dynalogs 1010 KB View full-size Download Why wait? The month’s not over yet, make the changes yourself, for your team, to sell more cars today. At Dynalog, we specialize in creating an environment that breeds more sales. We can and will get you more customers, but it’s up to you to deliver the goods.  Don’t be the dealer that waits. Instead, take control of your full potential, by standing out from the competition. Target your clients in new and exciting ways, through social media, SMS, and E-mails. With engaging, interactive content that makes you the only place to consider. Are you tired of having a slow first half? Are you stressing over a bad finish? Our team can help. Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation, or text the word “WHEELS” to 90407, and we’ll send you a sample catalog.  Engage your customers - or someone else will.

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